Thinking About Ultras

Ever since I started running after an eight year hiatus, I’ve thought about doing an Ultra. I always saw myself as a distance guy, and what better way to demonstrate this than to do an ultra marathon. I’m not talking about run/walk at a 12 minute pace, I’m talking actually running.

My longest run to date is a mere 31.6 that I did in 4:03:07 for a 7:42 pace. The last four or five killed the guy I was running with and probably slowed the pace a fair bit. Neither here nor there. It was also fairly flat and somewhat toasty as it was July in Georgia.

Since then I’ve done a few 20+ but it’s been hard to find the 4+ hours to get out for a run, not to mention that I’d be toast the rest of the day and when there’s two little kids running around and you’re expected to participate in the parenting. Hopefully before the year is out I can get a 25+ in.

What little reading I’ve done so far has suggested lots of training techniques and given me lots to think on. Being that the kids are still young and training to actually run an ultra well will take time, I’m putting it way out there – VT100 2015. Unfortunately, I can’t just sign up for the VT100, rather I have to volunteer some of my time to an ultra friendly cause – I’d like to get involved with the VT100 and VT50 as they’re local races anyway… – and I have to complete a 50 miler in under 12 hours. I’ll probably end up doing VT50 2014 and VT100 2015, but we’ll see. Two years is quite some time away, it’s also quite some time to build a killer base…


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