Never Enough

Mileage is a funny thing. Some people can run miles upon miles, stay healthy, and run some more. Some folks break running more than 20 miles a week. Thankfully, I am not really one of those injury prone folks, but my training typically only ranges around 40-50 miles a week. I am usually there for a month or two gearing up for a race, then take a week or two off, and build back up starting in the mid 30s. Sometimes I will take even longer during winter and when I come back to it, I am quick to notice the amount of time I spend running.

I am not talking about splits, but overall run time. I notice it for two reasons, mainly due to my wife’s questioning as to how long I will be gone for, and the eye rolls I get for responses as race day approaches. I also notice it towards the end of a season when I pull up the log and review it on a weekly basis. The thing is, when the season comes to it’s conclusion, I never feel that I actually topped out my capacity for mileage.

Ideally, my off season would just continue building upon last weeks efforts. Longer long runs, longer recovery runs, but the time in a day is simply not there. Part of it is the eye rolls, but most of it is the guilt I feel for taking so much time from my children. At least that is what I tell myself.

I ought to be over fifty miles this week, and still, it does not seem to be enough. Perhaps it is because I will have done 15-20 miles either with the stroller by myself or with my wife and the pace is just excruciatingly slow. I am hoping that somehow, training for this ultra will allow me to train more, but I doubt it. Even if I can build mileage, I do not think it will be enough. I will always want to go for a longer long run, but then maybe that is the feeling I hope this Ultra quenches. But with a monster base, where is the limit?


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