Gearing up for my first Ultra – which I am leaning towards something of the Fat Ass variety and VT50 as a qualifier for VT100 – I am realizing there are a number of things I need to dial in. I went for a longish run on Sunday, and drank a cup of water or so before I started. Two hours later I still hadn’t eaten or drank anything. Granted it was raining so while I am not an amphibian, I think it mitigated some of the thirst. I am not sure how long I could go like this, but considering I had not eaten in the eight hours preceding the run, I am guessing it is a bit. Next time I do a long run over 20 I will have to stash some water and see how it goes. I have had some problems with water in the past – CHaD 2012, Shires 2013.

I also need to figure out shoes – or lack there of. I like my Skoras, but have heard that at the end of an ultra, that heel cushioning and rise can be nice.

Things to dial-in on:

  • shoes
  • food
  • water
  • pace
  • clothes

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