My New Treadmill

Last year my wife purchased a spin bike for Christmas. It has gotten a fair bit of use, though in the warmer months it has served its ultimate purpose of “Drying Rack.” This year as the cooler weather started to approach and my wife and I could no longer justify taking the kids out in the stroller we opted to get a treadmill. The last treadmill we had was a freebie from her stepfather, and it seemed to be more of a walking treadmill than a running treadmill. Needless to say I killed it in short order. So when it came time to buy this one, we went all out – sort of.

Much like I can not rationalize spending more than $60 (though really it should be a lot less…) for a marathon, I could not rationalize spending a boat load of money on a treadmill. Races can be expensive enough, we do not need to blow our budget on a treadmill that will not see 500 miles in a year. At the same time, we did not want to buy a treadmill that I would put in the ground after one fast fartlek. After some asking around, I really wanted to get one of those Woodways with the slats, but there was no way we could afford it. So instead we went with a Sole.

It seems like a nice machine. We live in an older house (~165 years?) that I would call ‘fragile’ 155 pounds of pounding on a 300 pound device kind of scares me. The reviews on the internet hit out at the gibberish filled instruction manual, and I have to admit, it took some getting used to, but once you can speak a bit of their gibberish, putting the treadmill together is a breeze. The motor seems to run smoothly and quietly, but we will see how I feel about it in a couple thousand miles. It does have a monster warranty, so hopefully any problems will be taken care of by Sole.

Of course, a couple of days after our treadmill arrived, I was down at the local rec center and saw they were selling one of their commercial grade treadmills – used – but for a whole lot less than our F80. I thought about trying to return ours, but the whole disassembling and repackaging a 300 pound box kind of scared me off. I guess I just have to run more to lower that cost-per-mile.

I should have a post in the near future with my first real experience running on it. Remember, do not change too much of your routine at once, lest you get totally buggered up…


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