Running Cold

I suppose it is not a stretch to join the “more-miles-than-degrees” club when you live in Vermont, especially in these winter months when temperatures drop below zero. Though December usually does not see these prolonged stretches of highs in the teens. Rather, this crummy weather is generally reserved for January and February.

When it comes to running, these icy temperatures can often be overcome with the right gear, or like me, with lots of crappy gear piled on – two pairs of gloves, an over-sized fleece pull over that leaves me looking like I should be slinging rock in the ghetto, and of course, pants. I have not had to up my gear to wool socks, and I do not really plan on it. I will stick to my cotton socks; the feet will get cold, but they do not get numb, and so I can still feel the ground. Unfortunately, there is a small area between ankle-socks and pants that gets a little exposed to the frigid air.

Either I have no feeling in the back of my heel due to repeated blistering from hiking with boots as a kid and racing spikes that were always too small, or it was just plain cold out there. No matter the answer, as I was getting undressed I noticed that my sock was no longer white – or grey – but had a nice rosy hint to the heel area. I have gotten blisters before, but none have bled like this. Is it spring time yet?


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