2013, A Year in Review

In November 2012, I laid out some 2013 goals for myself on my training log blog. Some I hit, some I missed, and some I smashed. For posterity’s sake, I will recount them now with some of my thoughts and reflections. More of an exercise for my self before setting out new goals for 2014.

I set out with a goal of 2000 miles for the year, 600 of those I wanted to be barefoot. While I have already eclipsed 2000 and look set to hit 2250, the barefoot miles did not even reach 100. I am not really sure why this did not happen. I think I ended up doing more miles on the roads and gave up on the grass loop I do my barefoot miles on. All in all, I am not too concerned with this missed goal.

I also set out a streaking goal of sorts. Did not hit it, though I will end the year on a streak of just over 100 days. See how long it goes on into 2014.

I hit my long run goal of keeping things around 12 miles at the least. I also wanted to hit a 20 miler a month, and a couple 30 milers. Those did not happen. Should have gotten up earlier. 30 miles still would be difficult just for time constraints with family and all.

Managed to stay pretty injury free. No real injuries. Few knocks here and there that made me take things easy, but nothing to make me stop for any length of time. Good job listening as far as I am concerned. I also think making the full time switch to my zero drop Skoras and giving more attention to proper/healthy form helped tremendously.

Time Goals

Overall, I think I had a decent year. While I did not hit the PRs I was aiming for, I ran strong and came close. I have no doubt I can hit them next year.

I wanted to pop a fast 1600 – instead, I did not run any. I tried to have a go once, but turned it into an 800 TT. Pretty lame. Could have gotten one in at the end of the year, but my focus really shifted towards the ultra distances so I just kind of said fudge it. 4:52 post hiatus will have to do.

No 1600s and no real 5ks this year. Ran Harpoon. Not as fast as I would have liked at the end of last year, but I am happy in retrospect. Picked up a decent grouper.

I wanted to crush CBHM this year. The course is flat, it is has decent competition; unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and I think it hit 80 on race day; hot, muggy, and humid and it was 45 cold and damp the weekend before. The winner was three minutes slower too. I also do not think I had the base I should have had to run the Shires two weeks before and come back with a fast half. Fortunately, I whooped up at CHaD this year (though, not place-wise. I managed to shave 20+ seconds from my half pr and it is a much tougher course than where my previous half pr was set. I also lopped near 5 minutes off from my performance last year. This was another race where I felt mentally superior to how I have felt in the past. So while I did not hit my goal pr of 1:15:xx for the year, I got a little closer on a tougher course.

Knowing I was only going to run one marathon, and it was not really an ‘A’ race, I do not think I set my goals too high. I wanted to shave at least 5 minutes off, and get under 2:55. I was able to do that despite getting a wicked stitch that dropped me down to a 7:00+/mile for 2-4 miles in the middle.

Overall, I am very pleased with this year. I hit most of what I wanted, or came very close. It was a good healthy year and I am sure next year will be faster.


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