2014 Goals

Yesterday, I recapped some of my 2013 goals. All in all, I felt it was a pretty good year in terms of running strong. 2014 will see me running some new distances so setting goal times might be a bit of a trick, but I will try. And again, I hope to remain injury free and listen to my body.


A streak is not my main goal. It is something I have going and I like. It is a good tool to push. However, it is only an aside and if I need a day off because I killed myself hitting a race goal, that is acceptable. I do not want a streak to end because I was lazy. Certain important days – birthdays, anniversaries, etc – but not travel days or cold days. No real time goal, but at 100 days, I would like to see how far I can get.

Last year I hit around 2250 miles. For 2014, 2000 is my absolute minimum and I think I should have no problem hitting it. My stretch goal will be 2500, and my dream goal will be 3000 miles. I am pretty confident I can hit 2500, and 3000 should not be too hard, but still might be tricky.

Half Marathon

This year I should be pretty fresh for Covered Bridges. Coming off last years 1:16:22 at CHaD, I am fairly confident I can go sub-1:16 at CBHM. I would love to get sub-1:15, but I think that might be a bit of a stretch goal. In terms of place I need to finally crack that top 3 if not faster.


I am not even really sure I will run a marathon this year. If I do, it will probably only be one and it will be in February. Not ideal, but the course is pretty flat, and if weather permits I want to go sub-2:50. I do not really want to concentrate on the marathon, but I need to get my marathon time down in-order to get my 50 and 100 mile times down.

50 Miler

Two 50 miles lined up for this year. Twin State in April and VT50 in September. No real ideas for time, but I would like to go in the 8 hour range for TS50 and down into the 7 hour range for VT50. I feel confident these are obtainable goals, but having not run one before I cannot be certain. I think a top-10 at VT is also doable.

100 Miler

Another race I have never run before but will attempt my first in July at the VT100 and maybe again at Ghost Train in late October down in NH. Finishing should probably be my main goal, but that sounds too easy… I think finishing is probably my base goal, while finishing sub-24 would be a push goal. A total stretch would be sub-20 and my dream goal would be to go sub-18 and finish in the top-10. Dreamy yes, attainable, maybe. It is called training… If I do Ghost Train, I will figure out goals as that approaches.

Race Directing
Kind of ridiculous to have this as a goal, but… 2014 is the first year of the TS50. It is a goal that it goes well and continues on to next year. I would also like to establish another race sometime later in the year. I am not sure the distance, but I am thinking a 6 hour could be interesting. I would love to establish a Fat Ass Slam in the next two or three years.


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