Treadmill Hate #3: The Orange Screen of Death


Reason #3: Boredom

If you have used Windows as your main operating system for any period of time, you are undoubtedly familiar with the “Blue Screen of Death.” That haughty little error message always seemed to happen when you were doing something important and you had not yet saved your work; a simple reminder of what an idiot you are. Sometimes a simple restart would be all you needed to get things running normal, but more often than not, it meant you needed to pack up your computer, call your IT people and fork it over to them, because something just broke.

Running on my treadmill is sort of like staring at the Blue Screen of Death, except it is an orange wall, three feet from my face. I have come to know this wall well after 100 miles or so, and it is not pretty.

Running on the roads, even the same road, over and over and over again, can get monotonous, but there are changes. Maybe it is the bird that changes, or the pot holes are getting bigger, or the car full of rowdy teenagers use a new name to belittle you; no matter how you look at it, no single run outside can be the same. Step onto that treadmill, and it is all the same. Step after step, mile after mile. The same monotonous pock-marked, shoddily painted, orange wall stares back blankly.

I am learning to hate the cold, but I will take running outside any day to running on a treadmill.

Reason #1: Barking Spiders
Reason #2: Running in the Desert


7 thoughts on “Treadmill Hate #3: The Orange Screen of Death

  1. The dreadmill is definitely aptly nicknamed. I feel as though it’s sucking away some of my soul when I get on it…but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.


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