I’m Famous!!

Almost. Sort of. Okay, not really, but it is as close as I will ever get.

Back in November, I got the harebrained idea to put together a Fat Ass 50k/m race where I live. The town next door hosts the VT100 and the VT50, so why not us? I decided to call the race the Twin State 50 because it would traverse through both New Hampshire and Vermont. Also, based on my running philosophy, I wanted it to be free. That is essentially what a Fat Ass race is, a free race supported by the participants. There are no awards, some aid stations and maybe a timer. I also wanted my race to somehow stand apart from the multitude of other Fat Ass races. Yes, the TS50 course goes over the longest covered bridge in America, twice, but I wanted a little bit more.

I decided to toss in some awards. I have no budget for this race, and so decided that awards would come from my pantry and consist of something I either grew in my backyard or foraged from the local forests; this is what made me kind-of-sort-of-not-really famous.

Although lengthy, it is an interesting article getting into the direction of Ultra running regarding big race sponsorships and prize money.It comes  at an interesting time when races like Leadville, Vermont, and Umstead – staples of the Ultra race scene – all sold out the day registration opened.

You can find the article here. To find the reference to the TS50, just do a text search, or scroll down to the bottom. It’s right before the Anton Krupika quote.


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