Bloody Mud and Poo

The rain made the blood stream down my shin into my shoe. It looked pretty vicious.

The rain made the blood stream down my shin into my shoe. It looked pretty vicious.

I got the chance to go exploring a new area of trails this weekend. I was down in Long Island for a funeral and had the chance to check out a local preserve – it is an old psych ward. The weather was 45 and rainy, which is better than the crud we have had in Vermont.

I was thirty-five minutes in and had another ten to spend in the preserve before the two mile run home. I was heading down an old concrete street and wanted to take a side trail, but being unfamiliar with the area, I was not ready for them when they came up so I ran past a few before deciding that I would take the next path no matter.

I came upon the trail, hesitated a moment and then decided to go for it. Having run past the trail a little bit, my turn was a bit sharper than 90 degrees. I planted my foot in the puddle and went to turn. Unfortunately, there was a skim coat of mud on the concrete road that sent me sprawling into the puddle. My knee smashed the ground, which was uncomfortable, but the least of my concerns. Somehow I spilled enough that my chest smashed the ground, too. Being that it was a semi-new trail, there were some small stumps maybe two or three inches in diameter covered in debris. Well, I caught one of those little stabbing stumps right in the ribs and it left me out of breath for a good thirty seconds. Again, though this was the least of my problems. As I stood up, I looked at the stump that had assaulted me, and noticed there was a raccoon poop pancake sitting there. I had bloodied up my knee, bruised my ribs up pretty good, and managed to land in a pile of crap.

But what is a little mud, blood and poo, if not the building blocks of a magnificent run. (By the way, the people that saw me where apauled at my bloody knee; it was kind o


One thought on “Bloody Mud and Poo

  1. Well, at least it made for an epic story and memory! The fact that people applauded your bloody knee is downright awesome. I’ve always wondered what it would be like on the grounds of an old psych ward–is it Shutter Island style creepy or what??


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