The Runners Commandments

So despite the circumstances that led my family down to Long Island for the weekend, it did allow for some time to do a bit of reading. For Christmas, my brother got me a copy of Dr. Tim Noakes’ Lore of Running. If you are a runner, it is a must to add to your library. I do not know how many times I have borrowed the book from the library, but with the two little ones, trying to clean the house, trying to finish the addition to the house, and train my bollocks off, I have little time to actually read. Now that I own the text, and it is always on hand, I will inevitably find bits I that I think everyone should know. (Who am I, right?)

The first thing I want to share is Noakes’ section on remaining injury free. This section is huge and it will take time, but there are parts that are so significant I cannot help but share.

I have to say that I do not agree with everything Noakes says. This text is a big fan of orthotics. I am not. I am a big fan of minimalist shoes with a zero drop (go check out SKORA) and wide toe box for the foot to do as it should. However, while it may seem like Noakes and I are on the complete opposite ends of things, we are both getting at the same thing: correcting the foot to its proper form will result in fewer running related injuries.

To start I will just put out his list of “Ten Laws of Running Injuries.” If this is all you take away, it will be worth it. I will continue this post later summarizing his rules. Some are simple, some are long, some short. All of them are important.

  1. Injuries Are Not an Act of God
  2. Each Injury Progresses Through Four Grades
  3. Each Injury Indicates a Breakdown
  4. Most Injuries are Curable
  5. Sophisticated Methods Are Seldom Needed
  6. Treat the Cause, Not the Effect
  7. Complete Rest is Seldom the Best Treatment
  8. Never Accept As Final the Advice of a Nonrunner (MD or  Other)
  9.  Avoid Surgery
  10. Recreational Running Does Not Appear to Cause Osteoarthritis

4 thoughts on “The Runners Commandments

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