Or rather, frozen. I wanted to get an hour at marathon pace in sometime this week, and while I should have done it when temps were still above freezing, I did not. That left today during the day, or Friday night. Rather than try to do it at night, after dinner, in the bitter cold, I opted for today, in the bitter cold, because it is warmer when it is sunny…

I looked at the temperature around 12:00 and it was still 3 degrees. I thought for a minute about using the treadmill, but could not bring myself to do it. Five minutes for warm-up, maybe five for a cool-down, and an hour in-between? No thanks. So I waited until the heat of the day and went out at 2:00. (Heat of the day being 10 – Fahrenheit.)

I have run in much colder before, but something today fried me, hard. I hit my pace okay, actually went a little quick, but I called it quits early. And for the rest of the day, I have been walking around like a zombie-cicle. I do not know if it was a mental thing, or an actual physical thing. I blame it on the cold, maybe the layers, and the hills, but really it was one of the those fail moments when the lazy-brain wins. These wins are fewer and fewer, but they still happen. Come on spring time….


8 thoughts on “Fried

  1. Good on you for getting out there. The Polar Vortex is strong but Spring will be here soon enough. I say this from Taiwan where it almost never gets below 10 Celsius, but when I do get back stateside – I don’t get out until its 32F at the least.


  2. I’ve always felt there should be a “cold weather graded calculator”. I swear the cold, the extra layers of clothes, poor footing etc all make the effort so much harder (mentally and physically) making a 5 mile run feel like twice that distance. I think there is science behind it.


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