I’ve Been Streaking!!

Not in the “streaking through the quad sense,” but run-streaking. It is one of my yearly goals to streak as long as I can, but I will not sacrifice a race effort, or risk injury doing so. It is not that important. The injury part is important because the last time I streaked it ended with a popped calf because I kept pushing.

Yesterday, I tied my longest streak of 130 days, I know, it is not long. There are folks that have been doing this streaking thing for years. Some will tell you streaking is a bad thing – you need time off for your body to rest and recover, and while that might be true, I do not see much difference in an off day and a forcedly slow day of considerably lower miles.

For some, streaking is an excellent motivator. I am not sure the streak is motivating me, or if it is my upcoming races; either way, I have been running. My only hesitation with the streak is the crashing demotivation when the streak is over. Last time I stopped after 130 days, I had a heck of a time trying to get back into any kind of rhythm.

I know there are a fair number of people doing this Janathon thing, or whatever it is called, but who needs that? Set a simple goal of a mile or two a day, and go for it. Once the habit is formed, running becomes the standard, not the day off. Besides, it is a great way to build some base mileage and ultimately make you a better, healthier runner.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Streaking!!

  1. Congrats on your streak! I streaked every day last year. It was a great thing to accomplish, but you are so right: Once it ended, all motivation left me. I’ve cut myself a break this month, but plan to set some goals come Feb. Good luck!


      • My streak was part of 365 project & blog I did with two friends. One made art daily, one wrote and I ran. I didn’t intend to keep it going, but it was tough to see it end. By the end, it became a battle of quantity vs quality — I was running just to get my run checked off a list. It was a chore and not fun. But I am missing my runs — a good sign — so, next month, I plan to establish a good routine with quality, focused running. What made you start streaking?


      • More of an accident than anything else, and a little experimentation. See how long it goes. See how I feel in terms of overtraining, etc. Definitely a trick with kids.


      • That it is! I mastered the sneak-away run by end — and got both my girls involved in running. My 7 year old is doing her first 5k with me this spring. They are watching us. Teaching them to be active is a great side effect. Good luck with your streak! I look forward to reading about it more.


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