You Think You’re Cold?

It is cold in much of the United States, and being in Vermont, I feel I have the right to complain a bit about the frigid temperatures. That was until the Arrowhead 135 was brought to my attention. 135 miles in the coldest city in the coldest of the lower 48 states, in the dead of winter. Sounds exciting, right? As I type this, it is -7 with a real feel of -19. It was colder yesterday.

I have tried to do some hard workouts in 10 degrees and below and the cold temperatures make the effort almost impossible. Not only is your body fighting to burn calories and stay warm, but you are asking it to do some serious work. And my workouts were only ten miles, I cannot fathom running 135 miles in temperatures like that. No thank you.


8 thoughts on “You Think You’re Cold?

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