If you have looked around my blog at all, you will notice that there is a severe lack of posts on my running kit. And that is two-fold.

When I began running in middle school, there was no such thing as a Garmin. No GPS tracking to measure your mileage to the hundreth of a mile. (Ah but our poor training logs…) There were heart rate monitors, but they were expensive and gaudy. (We probably could have died running without knowing our heart rates.) And we had no clue how many calories we were burning. (Surprisingly we were not a bunch of porkers.) We ran in cotton t-shirts with gaudy designs and basketball shorts past our knees. (I think it was the wind drag that made us so fast when we got down to our singlets and short shorts.)

Somehow we made it through without our nipples chaffing off, getting lost, becoming obese, or over training, and we did it without all the gizmos, gadgets, junk and high tech clothing everyone is trying to convince you is a necessary part of running. We did it by learning to listen to our bodies, to know when we were going too fast or too far. I have kept this attitude as I have come back to running and this is why you will not find much about gear on here.

I use a $20 (they used to be $10) watch from Wal-mart that gets 30 splits. (I tried my wife’s Garmin once, but it said I ran a 4:35 in the middle of a six mile easy run. Wrong.) And while I have changed my attire a bit, (I like short shorts now…), I still go with minimal gear. It helps me stay in tune with what I am actually doing – running, not escaping.

“But what about shoes,” you say? Well, the reason I have not posted anything about shoes is because I have not gotten new shoes since I started this blog. “But that was back in September,” you say? Well, the current pair of Skoras I am in almost have 1000 miles, and unfortunately (only because I love them so) will need to be replaced soon. Consequently, you will be getting a shoe review in the semi-near future.  But as far as I am concerned, shoes are the only ‘real’ kit you need for running. The rest is just pomp. Focus on your shoes. Healthy feet means healthy running, and healthy running means faster running. (Coming into ultras I understand I might need to pick up a hydration pack or something of that nature, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.)


10 thoughts on “Gear

  1. I’m with you…no garmin or anything like that. It’s all about shoes for me. Although now I do ultras I have (finally!) invested in a decent backpack that’s made for women…hence it actually fits me compared to the other cheap men’s pack I had bought before which used to bounce up and down and chafe me 🙂 i’ve still got to try the new one on a super long run though


  2. Very cool post. I do have a Garmin because I like it, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t self destruct if I forgot to wear it on a run. It’s not one of the bells and whistles heart monitor ones either. I can tell I’m not having a heart attack and that’s good enough for me.


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