Note To Self

And other runners doing electrical work…

A little while ago I made a brief post about wiring outlets in front of toddlers.

Still in the process of finishing up some outlets and light fixtures, I decided to have a go with hot wires. I am not an electrician in any sense, but I have done this before. What I have not done before is run hot wires after a fasted fifteen mile long run on a few hours of sleep (thank you daughter…). Apparently I am not as sharp as I am ‘fresh’ and bundled into a hot wire with my hand. While it id not kill me, it is needless to say (but I will say it anyway), I was in for a little shock (intended) this morning. It is an interesting method of wake-up, though I cannot say I really recommend it. I think next time I will go turn the breaker off, or at least eat some breakfast.


3 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I’ve had my share of shocks. I still have a little scar on my finger from when I was installing a ceiling fan. I did not cry, but I wanted to.


  2. Oh no! I work for the power company so I have to say: Be safe! Turn off the breaker — after a good night’s sleep, coffee, breakfast, and thinking through your safe plan of attack on your outlets. OK, my work where is done. 😉


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