Treadmill Hate #6: “Mmmph, Yummy Shoes”

Reason #6: Shoe Edibility

Unless you have a pair of Goat leather Skoras and you have been stranded in the back country for a number of days without food, you will not be eating your shoes. (And even then I think eating your shoes is a poor choice.) On occasion you might have a dog that is a shoe-hound, but for the most part, you can curb them of that habit. There is, however, one nasty beast that cannot be taught to abstain from eating shoes: the treadmill.

Unlike your dog, or your one year old, treadmills do not eat your shoes’ upper, rather they devour their soles. No matter how good your form, or the type of terrain you run on, the soles of your shoes will eventually wear down. You will slowly start to see wear somewhere near the toes, or the outside of the foot, or the heel depending on how you run. This takes time, unless you start putting in the treadmill miles. Once you start running on the treadmill, your soles take a beating they will not forget.

A treadmill is a moving textured belt that grabs your foot by the sole of your shoe and rips it backwards. This causes friction. Sure, there is friction when you land on pavement, but the ground is essentially holding still, and the friction is minimal. When you land on the treadmill belt, it starts acting like the sandpaper on a belt sander and will reduce your soles to tiny piles of rubber. I noticed this first when I was in Georgia with a cheap pair of Asics I got for $22 at Marshall’s. I would hop off the treadmill, and find little bits of black stuff on the ground, eventually, I realized it was the rubber of my shoe. More expensive shoes with better soles will put off the beast, but they will still succumb.

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3 thoughts on “Treadmill Hate #6: “Mmmph, Yummy Shoes”

  1. That’s true, treadmills always “clean” the sole of my shoes.
    I’m very lucky that my dog has never ben fond of shoes, socks however, are a different story.
    Between the dog and the washing machine, I gotta buy socks every month.


  2. So true. They dug up our beautiful eurotan sandwich track, and well all speedwork has been done on the Tm due to the hill issue in our area. My shoes…after 3 speedwork sessions on the TM are now sort of telling me they want to bite the dust. Now they were cheep lunarflys from nike for racing anyway and I’ve had them for 7 months, but…I hadnt been consistently running in them fr 7 months, as they aren’t the clunkers I need for longer distance. Heres to outside. Outside is best for SO many reasons.


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