I woke up this morning at 5:30 and it was snowing. As I go to bed now at 11:00, it is still snowing. And yes, I got my run in.

I could tell you how my dreams of getting back on the track anytime soon for some fast, flat 2000s are shattered. I could tell you how the 5x10min/2min fartlek I was planning for tonight had to be moved to Friday night. Or maybe how I decided that since the fartlek was off the table I figured I would do at least eight miles, so cruised for  an hour. I could tell you that upon figuring it all out, I did not make eight miles; that this was the slowest non-injured run in three years. I could tell you how frustrated and irritated I am with this winter from hell, but I will not. Well, not in detail anyway.

What I will tell you is that although this was a tragically slow run, it was probably one of the best workouts I have had in a while. Not because I was able to work on my form (I think I looked a bit like a monkey on acid dodging hallucinations). Nor because I logged some quality miles, or that it felt good, or that I enjoyed it (I actually kind of did…). No, it was a good workout because I put a fair bit of strain on some muscles that rarely see it. All those little stabilizing muscles, they earned their keep tonight. I also had a pretty sweet ice-stache, which always makes things better.

I also want to thank the yahoo in the mini-van who decided it was important to drive up alongside of me and inform me that “it’s snowin’ out.” Thanks, boss. I couldn’t tell.


7 thoughts on “Snow-tastic

  1. Well an ice stache is a god thing. I am so sorry about your horrible winter. I’m down here in Florida…where it has stubbornly remained at 80 for most of the “winter” Judging from your cover photo you look to be in Pennsylvania? (I know I could be wrong but darn that photo could almost be the drive to my parents home in Hopewell Township.)


    • I could go for some 80 degrees right now… PA is close, but I’m actually in VT and there’s a prison right on the edge of that photo. Nicest prison I’ve ever seen. Of course my prison repertoire isn’t all that big.


  2. Ha! Somewhat similarly (though not as epic since it didn’t involve snow), a dude told me it was “a cold one” yesterday as I walked onto the beach for a run…I thanked him for the weather update.


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