Maintaining Focus

I knew I was fooling myself at the beginning of the month when I started to think about getting back on the track for some 2000s, or some nice long tempo workouts, but I could not help it. It was finally above freezing during the day, I heard some spring birds, and the snow was even melting a bit. Tragically, temperatures plummeted again, and the skies dropped another foot of snow. My track is left buried under a foot or more of snow and it looks like their might be a bit more on the way.

This means I need to keep doing my tempo/threshold workouts on the roads. Generally speaking, this is a non-issue. I don’t find much difficulty in keeping focus for distances under 1.5 miles. Unfortunately, I have not been doing many of these shorter workbouts. Instead I have been focusing on longer duration workbouts. Last week I did a fartlek that was 5×10 min on/2 min off, yesterday I did one that was 3×15/3+7.5 min. The pace was difficult, but nothing I could not handle. That said, right around that 8/9 minute mark, I will find myself wandering and realize I have dropped off the pace a bit and consequently, I will pick it up. In the end, they are good workouts and while it may be a conscious effort to maintain pace and focus, I think this will help in the long run as it will only become easier on race day when there are loads of folks about. Just got to keep plugging, spring will be here soon. Or not…

Any pointers on keeping the focus for high intensity, longer duration workbouts without consistent mile marker reminders?


4 thoughts on “Maintaining Focus

  1. The only thing that seems to work for me is running with other people where their comfortable pace is a bit faster than mine. If I’m on my own I have a tendency to lose focus 🙂


  2. My long workouts are a roller coaster. I get frustrated and usually end up doing what’s supposed to be easy or tempo harder than what it should be.


    • Yeah… When I check my pace afterwards, I’m usually fairly close, which means when I realize I lost the pace and pick it up, I pick it up to much… Damn this sport. Haha.


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