Fooling Myself

No snow, all breath and snot.

No snow, all breath and snot.

And I am an angry (not so much anymore…) young man, too….

But seriously. Earlier last week, I went out for a night run and it was 10 degrees. I left with some hesitation – as always when it is that cold – but I had looked at the forecast and saw that things were suppose to get warmer. We are not talking spring time, light weight long sleeve-tee weather, but I thought night runs of single digits were over. I was wrong.

Apparently, the forecast was the wrong cast as the remainder of the month still has a good number of days peaking in the mid-20s and lows below zero. The problem is not so much the cold – once you get going you warm right up (except for my damn fingers) – but the way the cold just sort of freezes your motivation along with your eye lashes, nose hairs, and (if you are so lucky to have one) moustache. Getting out the door is the toughest bit about this running in the cold.

To put things in perspective, I ran for 71 minutes tonight. I did not need water, but I am trying to get used to running with a hydration pack full of water. I am using the Orange Mud HydraQuiver – which I will write up eventually – and it rides between the shoulder blades. Even with the water bouncing, it was so cold by the end of my run, that the water had become slushy when I went to dump it in the sink.

In the 71 minutes I was out on the roads, the temperature managed to drop from 8 to 4. Later tonight it is supposed to drop to -2. I know people have it colder, and I know I should be glad I can afford the ungodly cost to heat my house to a balmy 61, but I am done. (Last winter whinge, I promise… I also promise to lay off the Styx references…)


9 thoughts on “Fooling Myself

  1. I doubt it’d step out the door if it was that cold.
    I’d try it once to see my eye lashes frozen and I’d let my mustache grow just for the pic. But that’s it.
    I hope you get a break soon, weather is being nasty lately all over the place.


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