Running Too Much?

You have seen it before, the cute Hallmark Card with the four-year-old on the front, flopping around in their father’s over sized wingtip shoes, with a unbuttoned dress shirt dragging behind them while their father’s tie is draped around their shoulders. As a father, it is a flattering form of mimicry; a symbol of inexpressible love from your child (no really).

The other day, my son gave me the same respect, albeit it was not work clothes. I was making dinner when my son grabbed my long sleeve running shirt that was drying in the window and somehow managed to snake himself into it. He donned my Orange Mud HydraQuiver, stuffed his feet into my Skora Phase and proceeded to shuffle around the kitchen. He then told me that he would not be back for a while because he was going for his “long run.”

I guess he could be picking up worse habits.


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