Why Does It Always Snow On Me?

The last two runs I have gone on, it has snowed. Not just some flurries, but inches-per-hour kind of stuff. To be honest, I do not mind the snow. I hate how much it slows me down, and how much harder it makes keeping decent form, but overall, it is just kind of, eh. That said, I am done.

It has reached the point that I hope we have no more snow, because I can not really shovel my driveway anymore. No, I did not throw out my back, the banks of snow are so high it is damn near impossible to throw the snow over the banks. No joke, the banks are three to five feet high.

But back to running. My run on Tuesday was supposed to be my long run, but with the weather folks telling me we had a storm coming in, I opted to just go for eight miles as the weather for Wednesday was supposed to be much warmer (35) and sunny. Well, Wednesday rolled around, and it was cold – like 20 degrees cold – and slightly overcast. My wife and I decided to wait until the afternoon to do our exercise stuff and use the morning to get some housework done. Bad idea. Unbeknown to me, the weather folks were predicting another 3-4 inches of snow that afternoon. (I check the weather constantly so how I missed this is beyond me…).

Noon rolled around and I laced up my Skoras, threw on my HydraQuiver and headed out for my long run. Not a mile in, and it started to snow. This was not a little snow, but a lot of snow. A whole lot of snow, and it was not letting up. I decided to keep on going and continued on my route that saw me climb to a high point nearly 1500 feet higher than where I started. Another awesomely bad idea. See on top of the knolls, the weather gets worse, and it gets colder. There were times I was running blind. My eyelashes collected so much ice I could not keep my eyes open. I had to stop and pick the ice gently off my eyelashes. My sleeves melted the snow as it landed, but the wind froze it so my arms were housed in frozen casts. It sucked.

I know the snow makes for some cool frozen-face selfies, but the novelty has long since worn off. This dude is ready for clean roads and spring.

Man or Yeti?

Man or Yeti?


8 thoughts on “Why Does It Always Snow On Me?

  1. That’s totally how I felt between November and December, without the frozen moustache. The snow has certainly let up for us now, but we still have the cold. I feel for you yeti.


  2. I admit February and Early March are my favorite times for training here, but thats because it’s kind of like a normal spring…50 deg in the am… I sure hope you all get out of the deep freeze soon.


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