10 thoughts on “Like a Fat Kid on a Teeter-Totter

  1. Obviously having never run longer than 15 miles at a time, I have zero advice on how to fuel for an ultra. BUT I’m really excited to hear how this goes for you! I hope you get a clearer picture over the next few weeks!


  2. I can’t really offer advice. I know you can read and probably have on how to fuel for the actual event, but yeah, I can commiserate on not fueling well while training. I struggle with food in general and really have not supported my training with some choices…Live and learn!


    • I can make it through a marathon without food but in that last three miles I start to feel it a bit, and I’d like to stay ahead of that come 50 miles. Just have to do more test 50s… Ha.


      • Honestly, I can not make it through a 10K without some item of food… well I can…but I race better if I have some carbo pro mid race. I like the tiny red potatoes..but I have a pretty good stomach and can just eat and run and run and eat. My issues is the crap I eat after running a good 20 miler…it’s never nutritional…it’s just what I can inhale.


  3. You should check out a book called The feed zone by Biju Thomas and Alan Lim. My running coach in Jspan suggested it to me while training for my first triathlon. Lots of simple, easy, recipes. It taught me a lot about nutrition and fueling properly. He originally created the recipes with professional cyclists in mind, but it’s good stuff. Give it a go!


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