I’m a Fraud!!

Can you see the resemblance to Washington?

Can you see the resemblance to Washington?

The way my wife and I’s schedule works out, two days a week I can get into the schools and substitute. I was a teacher before the kids were born and I plan on going back when they get a bit older; subbing allows me to keep my resume from being completely stale. I sub fairly frequently at one of the local schools, and I was in this past Tuesday. It is a small school and all the teachers know each other, even the subs.

We started the day with an assembly in which we did one of those team building exercises where you form groups based on your favorite sport, but without talking. (You act it out…) I noticed some kids pretending to knock a soccer ball about and moseyed myself over to the back of their group. A little while later, a couple of teachers and another student came to stand by me. As the principal stood on stage and asked what groups where which activity, he automatically assumed that my group was the running group. (It is a fairly well known fact I am a runner.) While it did not surprise me that people assumed running would be my activity of choice, it did make me think.

I run. I run remotely fast. I run remotely far. I train. I train hard. I go to the track and run laps. I puke between those laps. I run more laps. I write about running. I read about running. I am an ambassador for Orange Mud, a company that specializes in ultra running gear. I am trying to be an ambassador for a minimalist shoe company – Skora Running. My life, at this point, is taken up a great deal by running.

Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy running, but it is more for what it allows me. I love running twenty miles because it allows me access to places I would otherwise miss. I love running because it made me get healthy again. I love running because I do not need anyone else. I step out the door, and I go. There is no team, no fees, no pandering about trails or roads or shoes or fuel. I am the king of my castle; the master of my domain.

But I am a soccer player. If I could get on a pitch everyday and play I would. If I could sit and analyze games all day, I would. But I cannot. Instead, I have come back to running.

Running is my cheap mistress. When I can not have my love, I will take her every day.


7 thoughts on “I’m a Fraud!!

  1. Love it. And that is what is so wonderful about running…Even when I do a simple run around my neighborhood, everything looks different…you see crazy things you’d never see driving…or even sometimes I think walking… the only addition in there is that I love to sweat I think…yes I do have issues.


    • Haha. No, I love sweating too. When we lived in Georgia I used to love going for runs in the heat. I remember doing track workouts at 6:00 and it was still 95 degrees out. It’s almost cleansing. The lack of heat in the summer is one of my big gripes with NE…


  2. This rings true for me…I really only run to get to and explore different places. If I had to choose between running on a treadmill and walking in the great outdoors but never running again I would choose the walking 🙂


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