With my first 50 miler coming up in less than three weeks, you’d think I’d have my training under tight control. A willingness to get out there, keep the mileage going and do all I can to prepare. You’d be wrong. The last two weeks have been something of a shit-show to say the least.

There was a stomach bug that helped kick off last week, and then a funeral to end it. I knew mileage was going to be low, and wasn’t pleased about it. I could have kept my mileage at the bottom of where I would have liked it, but I balked at the 10 degrees and decided to throw in the towel – you see I’m done with winter and martyring my mileage is my way of protest.

Of course, the funeral was also plagued with another stomach bug that took down five of twelve family members afterwards. Luckily my family and I were spared, but my stomach has been left feeling like a vat of fermenting kim chi. We had beautiful weather on Monday and Tuesday, but some lame excuses popped up, and rather than get my mileage in, I took it easy – a family run a third of the mileage I should have done.

Enter Winter Storm Vulcan. Dun dun dun… (When did they start naming snow storms anyway?) I totally get that it’s March, but after this winter we’ve had, this snow storm did me in. My night run turned into a treadmill run and the frustration building up throughout the day led me to cut the treadmill early.

Something tells me the rest of this week will be equally as crappy though they are all excuses of my own creation. The demotivational slump will continue until I get it together and give it a kick. Hopefully spring will come soon and that will only help move things along.


11 thoughts on “Demotivation

  1. I’ve got my first ironman triathlon in less than 5 weeks. Just shaved my head (buzz cut) to raise my motivation for the last push. That’s as drastic as I get, I’m not yet into tattoos. My point is – maybe something drastic is in order.


    • Mmm…. My wife is definitely not down for the head shave. Already discussed that. Did that a few times in college before rugby tournaments. Worked well. Good luck with your Ironman.


  2. When I’m in a slump I like to go to the race website and read everything about the race – elevation profiles, course maps, etc. It will motivate you to get back out there and finish what you started months and months ago. Get back on it man – you’ve got this!


  3. I feel your pain with the snowstorm and all. soooo frustrating that we just got dumped another foot or two in March. I can’t wait for this winter to be over with!


  4. The breaking of motivation can be very difficult to deal with – especially in the run up to a big distance. Nothing anyone can really say will fix it for you as you’re an individual but the best thing you can do is probably to do the exact opposite of what you’d think to do. Perhaps take a distraction, go enjoy yourself for a couple of days, step way from the training, build some hunger for it, wait until you look at a runner on the road or trail as you are sat drinking coffee and you feel like you could be that person again.

    You’ve been training hard it appears and so the 50 miles are guaranteed physically but if your mental fatigue continues then you won’t finish because half the battle is that mental readiness. So, go away, do stuff, play with the wife, kids, family, friends, think about things other than running and don’t feel guilty about doing so.

    Look forward to reading that your mojo has returned soon


    • Thanks. I think it comes and goes in ebbs and floes. It’ll come back, just a crappy time to hit – though maybe not. Hopefully this weather turns around a bit. I could do for some heat.


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