Finally Coming Together

Come April I’m not only running my first 50 miler, I’m also directing my first 50 miler. If you just said “what a moron,” you wouldn’t be the first. So while I can kind of throw in the towel on my training and figure I can crawl, roll, hobble to the finish line, I can’t really do that with planning this race.

I’m still nervous, but as the day draws closer, all the little details are starting to fall into place. We have volunteers, a bit of food, some discounts from local companies and a group that seems excited to go out and give themselves a beating. (The 50m sees near 10,000 feet of elevation change. We still have near two feet of snow on the ground and the course is 80% dirt roads – needless to say it will be like running through a bog, if it thaws…)

I did a little written interview over at DFL Ultrarunning, and I’ll be doing a podcast with them later this week.

Totally ego stroking, I know, but I’m kind of getting excited.


6 thoughts on “Finally Coming Together

  1. Good on you! It sounds like you are pushing your boundaries on at least two fronts. Isn’t that how we get stronger and learn our limits?
    Are you directing the same race that you are running in? I have never managed to do both for the same race, but I am often training for a race while directing one.
    Good luck. I’ll check back to see the results


      • I am a co-rd to the Diez Vista 50km near Vancouver, BC. I am in charge of acquiring volunteers and putting together aid stations. My partner does the permits, safety, course markings, etc. Although it is small (175 entrants) neither of us could leave our duties to run it.
        Where is your FatAss run?


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