My Drink of Choice

Fully mixed HoneyMaxx.

Fully mixed HoneyMaxx.

I have a handful of drinks of choice – it all depends on situation. I love cheap canned beer, but let’s face it, that just won’t cut it at a fancy dining establishment. A gin and tonic on a sweltering summer day is problematic for a subway ride (though it can be done…). Likewise, a boozy drink won’t quite cut it when you’re out pounding miles (though again it also can be done…).

When it comes to drinks on the run, I prefer to turn to my northern friends in Canada for some HoneyMaxx. (Though, I use friends tentatively, as I think they’ve gone and taken this whole “we are winter” thing a bit too far…).

For a while, I used to make my own ‘sports drink,’ a little honey dissolved in hot water with a splash of lemon juice and some salt then diluted with cold water. Probably not ideal, but in my mind, it was better than any of the -ades I could get in the store. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible to transport unmixed. Cue HoneyMaxx. (I won’t get into how I found them as that is a lengthy story with some parts that are not appropriate for this venue…)

HoneyMaxx is an all-natural sports drink in a powder form and comes in two flavors – lemon-lime and orange. For me, the flavors are only an undertone of what it actually tastes like with the complex flavor of honey being in the forefront. As it is a powder, the concentration can be changed depending on your need. (As a standard I mix it a little more than half the strength of what is recommended.) I buy it in bulk bags, but you can also purchase it in single serving for on-the-run ease. I will also be serving HoneyMaxx at the Twin States 50 in April.

HoneyMaxx comes with mixing directions and while it will still work if you don’t follow the directions it make take bit to

Clumped HoneyMaxx waiting to be shaken.

Clumped HoneyMaxx waiting to be shaken.

dissolve. According to the directions you’re supposed to add your HoneyMaxx to a half-filled  bottle and shake for 3o seconds (the jar not you), then wait five minutes for the clumped honey to soften. Shake it again and top off with water. This will work, and when you’re on the run, chances are your jostling is enough to finish the mixing process. I have found, however, if you dissolve your HoneyMaxx powder in a bit of hot water, it helps the honey dissolve a heck of a lot quicker. Top it off with cold water, and you’re all set to go.

My experience with HoneyMaxx has been nothing but positive. Unlike with other sports drinks, I don’t get heart burn nor do I get a crash. (Something about the makeup of honey requires your body to break down and process the sugars producing a slow burn rather than a sudden jolt of energy all at once. Kind of like eating an Oxy and snorting one…).

Overall, I’ve been quite pleased with HoneyMaxx. The only drawback I’ve discovered is that I can no longer deny my four year old, based on my drinks being unhealthy for him. If you’re stateside, you can only get HoneyMaxx through internet purchases, or you could take a road trip to Canada but the shipping is probably cheaper…


7 thoughts on “My Drink of Choice

  1. Sounds good. I was just reading today about the health benefits of honey and cinnamon together. I found my honey in the cabinet but need to heat as it is crystalized.


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