Poodle Chomp!!

Running as frequently as I do, I get to know a lot of the local dogs. Most of them are unleashed, which is totally cool with me. My runs take me out into the middle of nowhere, where pedestrians are few and kids are non-existent. The houses are on acres and you can go half a mile without running into any houses on some stretches. Tuesday, I set out for a 15-miler on a loop that takes me by a number of friendly mongrels. Unfortunately, it would prove that one of those mongrels was feeling less than friendly yesterday.

Poodle Choomp!! (Might have been a Wheaton, I can't tell...)

Poodle Choomp!! (Might have been a Wheaton, I can’t tell…)

I love dogs. I always had dogs growing up, and I currently have two. They don’t really scare me, and more often than not, I’m fairly smart when it comes to approaching them. With that said, I was kind of a moron on Tuesday. About a mile and a half in there’s a house with two poodles, a black one, and a white one. They’re never leashed, and while the white one is somewhat timid and stays on the lawn, the black one will come running towards me barking. Typically we both stop in arms reach of each other and commence the whole ass-sniffing-dog-greeting thing. (I just put out a upside down hand and let him give me a sniff or two.) After a few moments he wanders off, and I mosey on up the road.

Figuring that since this dog and I have been through this routine a huge number of times, I could just keep running and do away with the greeting. And it may have worked, except that his person was out getting the mail, and I neglected to take that in. Here he saw a half naked person who usually stops, keep running towards his person – he panicked and took a nip at my calf. I can’t really fault him as I figure he was just doing what dogs do – protect their owners. (I don’t really know anything about dogs, but it seems to make sense to me.)

Luckily, I wasn’t wearing the synthetic Phase, and not the leather Core. Could have been a lot worse if I had leather on my feet…


11 thoughts on “Poodle Chomp!!

  1. Ouch!! Yeah I guess he was being a good protector, but I’m sorry about your leg! I always get a little freaked out about dogs I see on my run. I ran past a new one the other day and he was freaking out at me, but I think his owners much have had an invisible fence because he didn’t try to leave the front yard. I still booked it to the other side of the street.


  2. Yikes! I hope the dog has all it’s shots! I’ve had several run in with dogs. I was bitten once, and vowed to never let it happen again (the visits to the emergency room weren’t fun). I don’t care if the owner is there or not, if it’s off leash and comes at me barking I will do whatever it takes to scare it off – I’ve had to kick them, throw stuff at them, etc. It usually doesn’t get to that point, but I don’t take any chances. I am a dog person (we have 2) but you never know what they’re thinking. Unfortunately on our walk the other day, an owner opened their door and a dog came running out and bit my wife before we even knew what happened. I wish I had seen it coming so I could’ve tried to stop it.


      • The owner lady came running out and apologizing like crazy, but I didn’t say anything to her. If I had my wits about me, I would have asked her if the dog was up to date on it’s shots. I guess we’re lucky it didn’t bite one of the kids.


  3. Aw I love dogs…I agree, it’s probably because his human was out. Generally I’ve never had a problem but then I always do the same thing when I pass: stop running and if they come up to me let them sniff the hand. Most dogs are softies really!


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