I’m An Ambassador

It seems that life is picking up. The slow pace of winter is gone, and it’s time to rush around and enjoy the warmth that summer brings. Or I’ve just put too much on my plate.  Either way, it goes something like this:

Over the last three or four months, I’ve been going through the process to become a SKORA Ambassador. I didn’t have a lot of hopes, but figured what the hell. Lo and behold, I’ve found out that I was accepted. Pretty sweet. Granted it doesn’t mean much for you all. Maybe some free shoe giveaways in the future, but nowt for now.

Tomorrow also marks the first time since November that I will be running a real race, and the last couple of weeks have been sub-par to say the least. I took some easy time, and felt better, but this past week we redid our bathroom and I managed to retweak my Achilles while carrying a bathtub up a ladder into a second story window – not cool. So for two weeks in a row now, my mileage has suffered. I know what you do the week or two before a race doesn’t make or break you, but it definitely plays with confidence. Couple that with tomorrow being my first race for TeamSKORA, and I’m feeling anything but sure about this.

Of course, here is the obligatory race kit picture. The maroon and orange Dead Skunk Racing singlet, and my SKORA Core – which while not as light as my Phase feel like they’ll be a pretty nice shoe to race in – and my bandanas. Typically I’ve gone with the brown, but my brother got the camo for Christmas, and it’s a tough decision…CBHM Kit


7 thoughts on “I’m An Ambassador

      • Time ain’t everything. There’s always someone faster. What they SHOULD be looking for is an everyday guy with exceptional dedication who loves their product and will promote it well.

        That’s you. Already. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about here.


  1. I think I’d agree, as an ambassador, you don’t have to be screaming fast, just able to relate to runners of all types and promote the product. heck, I know a lady that is an ambassador and regularly completes halves in about 3 hours. I finally decided that the company just wanted that jersey out there for the longest time possible? I am a bit jealous though. Always wanted to be one of the Mizuno ambassadors, but they tell me I am a bit slow, and I don’t race nearly enough….


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