Take It Easy

This past year has been one of epic proportions so far – no for real epic. I graduated from marathons to ultras and ran my first 50 and my first 100. (I also did my first timed event at 6 hours, but that was less than 50, so we’ll just call it a long long run.) I did some streaking – not the kind that’ll get you arrested – and it only came to end after VT100 (Part I, II, and III) kicked me up and down. I ended up putting up 2500+ miles in 306 days. For calendar year 2014, I’ll most likely put up less than 2400. And I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with it for two reasons. The first is simply that I don’t have any races planned. I might try my feet at an indoor mile at the Dartmouth Invy, but sounds like a good way to get injured. I might even have a go at some crazy winter races in the area that require microspikes or some other type of winter add-on to complete. Fun? Not in my book. The first real race of 2015 I’m planning isn’t until late April, and that’s still up in the air. So with no real races in sight, I’m not going to push.

Reason number two is kind of an abomination of reason number one, but all this crappy fall weather has me in a rather abominable mood. Off-season. I feel strongly that every runner needs an off-season of one sort or another. I’m not talking about one of those footballer off-seasons where I find myself drunk and stoned in Aruba wondering when I need to get back to training, but just a toned down period of time with low miles at an easy effort. It will give my body and mind a time to recooperate and come January/February, I’ll be ready to go.

Of course, taking it easy for that long will be harder than it sounds, but I’m dedicated…


6 thoughts on “Take It Easy

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  2. I have been pondering a break too- I’ve been running without any unforced breaks for almost 3 years, and only a few weeks off here and there due to injury. Feeling the need to take some time off, but I have races planned in November, December, January, and early February… then if I get into that half-marathon in April I’ll need to keep on training through March… and then the really nice running weather gets here…

    It’s a struggle.


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