Who I Am

I started running in high school under the world’s best coach. He coached us to first place in the New York State Cross Country Championships my junior year, and second place my senior year. I continued running my freshman year of college, but the enjoyment that led us to the state meet in high school was missing and I blamed it on my coach. (To be fair, my college coach was a fine coach – he recently coached the team to a sixth straight showing at Division III Nationals – but when I got there he was fairly new as a head coach and it would have taken a lot to follow up my HS coach.)

Upon quitting sophomore year, I logically picked up rugby and started putting on some weight. (Some muscle, some blubber.) My lifestyle deteriorated and for the next eight years or so things slowly meandered downhill. In 2010, my son was born. It was then that I started getting back on the healthy wagon, kicking some nasty habits and dropping 30 pounds.

After picking up some knocks getting back into running, and being told by the podiatrist I have pez cavus, should not be running, and will need orthotics, I started to do some research. In doing my research I discovered minimalist running. As it was I seldom wore shoes except for absolute necessity (work, stores, etc), so going minimalist was not a big leap. I have since put in a fair number of miles barefoot, huarached, and minimally shod. I like to run free of the bells and whistles. A simple watch, shorts and my Skoras is all I need. It is all anyone really needs. Over the years I have taught myself to listen to my body and I am able to run predominantly by feel.

Since coming back to running, I have posted some decent times through training plans developed with the help and input of my brother. My times are nothing to brag about, and I strive to do better as I take on longer challenges setting new PRs and bettering the ones I have. These are my thoughts as I progress through these challenges.

Coaching at Dead Skunk Racing since 2014


Streaking since July 21, 2014. (The last one ended after VT100…).
My Running Log Blog

Post Hiatus PRs
1600 – 4:52
5k – 16:45
10k – 35:10
Half Marathon – 1:16:22
Full Marathon – 2:51:57
50 Miles – 6:58:16
100 Miles (Part I, II, III) – 19:36:44
6 hours – 40.64 miles


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