Read These

I won’t call myself a writer, but I will admit to finding enjoyment in putting thoughts into coherent (sometimes borderline incoherent) sentences. Some of these ideas and pieces stick with me, and others – for the most part – can be lost to cyber space forever without much thought given. Time is ephemeral on a blog; certainly, a post is longer lived than a tweet, or a status update, but it is replaced, sometimes quickly, and often lost. Below are links to posts that I don’t want to lose. Some are important because of the topic, others because they speak to some accomplishment, still others I find have a flow that I enjoy. They are here for some reason.

Twin State 50: The Run 4/6/14
Following 3/17/14
Capricious Abuse 3/7/14
I’m A Fraud 2/28/14



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